Product offer

Our product offer consists of more than 300 types of high-quality paper and boards, as well as the wide range of inks, offset plates, graphic chemicals and other material used on a daily basis by printing houses.   We are very careful in choosing our suppliers and what we always have on our mind is high quality of our product offer.

  • Wood free card board white and coloured (Sappi, Fedrigoni, Mondi)
  • Wood free uncoated paper in reels and sheets (Sappi, Fedrigoni, Mondi)
  • One side coated and two side coated paper and board, white and coloured (Sappi, B&B, APP)
  • Label paper and metalized paper (B&B, APP)
  • Self-copy paper in sheets and reels (Mitsubishi – Giroform, APP)
  • Self-adhesive paper in sheets and reels (Radece Muflon, Budaval)
  • Book binding board, white, colored and pressed (Smurfit Kappa)
  • Cartonboard – duplex – triplex – kraft (MM Kolicevo, Smurfit Kappa, Mel)
  • Kraft paper and decorative paper (Maglaj)
  • Newsprint paper (UPM, Vipap Krsko)
  • LWC and SC paper (Sappi)
  • Thermal paper (Mitsubishi, APP)
  • Copy paper, white and coloured ( Fabriano, Double A)
  • Offset plates PCP-CTP and chemicals (Cinkarna)
  • Offset colors and aditives (SunChemical, Flint Group, Cinkarna)
  • Graphic adhesives (Mitol)
  • Special papers and boards (Fabriano)